Well, How’s All That Hate Working for Us?

In the hours before chaos rained down in Washington on January 6th, one of my friends expressed her fear about the House, Senate and Presidency all being controlled by Democrats. …

When True Stories are Hard Stories

Yesterday at lunch, Reed said all racists and homophobes should just die and do the world a favor. I know I’m supposed to think that, too.
Why is it so complicated to love someone?

— Looking Glass Girl, Work in Progress

I’m a tenth of the way into my novel…

"All White People are Racist." It's actually something I agree with. …

My watch phrase has become "Disrupt the echo chamber." And the only way we can do that is by speaking kindly and respectfully to those with whom we disagree--and explaining precisely why we disagree. I spend what many friends see as way too much time doing this, but it is important to me. It's so good to see I am not alone.

I think we white girls just need to chill for a while

I have not yet seen the new Netflix series, Bridgerton, but when you brought it up, I was intrigued. You didn’t like it — partly because of its hyper-sexual nature, which would probably make me squirm too. You also found jarring the presence of Black gentry, which to you seemed…

Even though all I ever wanted was to save his life

My autistic adult son is my truth-teller. And today’s truth makes me wonder, in my solar plexus, whether I am a monster.

I am explaining to him the origins of Halloween, a holiday he hates because of its preoccupation with horror. “Traditionally,” I say, in my best teacher-voice, “‘All Hallows’…

How to get out of a research loop and finish your book

I’m in the final push for my novel draft, and Monday I lost my glasses.

I cannot read without my glasses — not books, not screens, not anything.

“Great,” I said. “Now I’ll be writing blind.”

And I realized that —

  • after plotting almost every scene all the way…

How to bring back that exhilaration you miss

Remember when you were a kid writer, and you’d write about four friends who solve the mystery of the porcupines on the moon? Or when you were a teenage writer and you wrote about a maniacal doctor with a secret lab, who turned people into sad, electric ghosts?

And now…

Why we must learn to talk to one another before it’s too late

Imagine a man. He wears a shirt with a confederate flag. He is not wearing a mask, because he woke up in a free country. He is walking home from a counter-protest against Black Lives Matter agitators who have come to his town. …

Outside the echo chambers of our current life, we often have the misfortune to run across an opponent — one of those people-of-the-erroneous-ideas, who despite our best efforts to avoid them has managed to invade our space. It may be a friend of a friend. It may be a stranger…

Katherine Grace Bond

All about healing the rifts. In ourselves. In our culture. Author of poetry and YA novels. Sign up for more in your very own inbox! https://tinyurl.com/t8hn2kfs

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